Bachelor in Paradise Star Mary Viturino Calls Out the Lack of Diversity Within the Bachie Franchise

Overnight, Bachelor In Paradise star Mary Viturino took to Instagram to call out the lack of diversity within The Bachelor franchise, in particular, the newly announced The Bachelorette which will see two White sisters search for love.

The reality star shared photos of all the former Bachelorettes on her Instagram Story and pointed out the glaringly obvious lack of diversity.

“While every single one of these women are beautiful, inspiring and deserving to find love, I was hoping Bachelorette would have listened to the Australian public – who have been asking for more diversity,” she wrote on a post with the seven ladies.

Closing out her post by pointing out that if you must pick a new Bachelor or Bachelorette from the franchise that there are in fact at least several indigenous Bachie stars to choose from.

“Especially when there are some boss indigenous past contestants like Brooke Blurton and Renee Barrett to choose from,” she suggested.

Mary’s post also echoed what viewers have noticed about the franchises latest season in that POC had a lack of screen time, pointing out Niranga as just one example, “Niranga on BIP as an example.”

This comes after Niranga himself came out with accusations of racism against her fellow Paradise stars following his exist from the show.

“There were so many more nasty comments to me and other people. One particular moment telling several people they wouldn’t take me back to the parents because of where I was from. Can’t pronounce my name and doesn’t even know where I’m from,” Niranga shared on his IG Story.

Niranga, who moved to Australia from Sri Lanka says that he accepts rejection as a part of life, but not comments like this.

“Not once have they apologised,” he said. “You know the one,” fans of the franchise were quick to draw the conclusion that he’s referring to Cassandra Mamone. Niranga is one of only three non-White contestants cast on this season of Paradise.

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