Infectious Messaging Webinar – Jeremy Gutsche Shares Tactics to Help Your Marketing Stand Out (

On July 14th, 2020, Trend Hunter CEO Jeremy Gutsche will be hosting a free Infectious Messaging webinar to help you develop a marketing strategy that cuts through the noise.

As technology and social media become more and more pervasive in our daily lives, today’s consumers face an ever-growing surge of branded messaging everywhere they go. Brands have more opportunities than ever to communicate with their target audience, but it’s never been so difficult to break out from the crowd—especially in our current period of rapid chance and chaos. 

In this fifth and final webinar in his 5-part Innovating Through Chaos series, Jeremy will leverage his experience driving billions of views to Trend Hunter’s website to help you develop messaging that sticks. Key takeaways will include how to tell a compelling story about your product, contextualize your message with emotion and take a simple, direct and supercharged approach to communication.

Register for Jeremy’s Infectious Messaging webinar HERE.


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