We’ve Got to Keep Calling Out Cass’ Mean Girl Behaviour on Bachelor in Paradise

Throughout this season of Bachelor in Paradise, Cass Mamone has come to symbolise a certain kind of ‘mean girl’, familiar to some people from their high school days.

From the very start of the season, she’s been shown on camera putting down other women, from talking about Abbie Chatfield in a slut-shaming way to literally calling Jessica Brody a “stripper with tattoos” and immediately saying, “You’ve lost weight!” when she arrived in Paradise. She even talked at length about being a “loyal” friend of Renee Barrett, while actively pursuing her ex, Ciarran Stott.

Fans were unhappy this past week seeing the way she put down fan favourites Niranga Amarasinghe, who has long held an affection for Cass, and Brittney Weldon.

In last night’s episode, on a fire-twirling date with Niranga, she repeatedly made mean comments about having to spend time with him, even calling the idea of dating him “gross”. Then, with Brittney, she was deliberately dishonest in her pursuit of Jackson Garlick. Paddleboarding with her during the episode she said that she’d be giving her rose to Scot Fuller, because she didn’t want to “intervene” in Brittney developing a connection with Jackson. But she immediately reneged on that, talking to camera about her intent to give her rose to Jackson instead and thus lay claim to him. “I can do what I want to do at the end of the day. I’m here for me, so I’m gonna go after what I want, and that’s Jackson.”

Cass asked Brittney at the cocktail party how she would feel if she gave her rose to Jackson, then requested the other woman effectively prove that Jackson has feelings for her. She then asked who Brittney would give her rose to if she couldn’t give it to Jackson, but Brittney, in a moment praised by people online, refused to tell her. At that, Cass tried to imply that Brittney wasn’t being “civilised”, speaking in a patronising tone to her about how she saw herself as a “pretty nice person”, until Brittney decided to walk away, having said that she would pursue her connection regardless of Cass’ decision at the rose ceremony.

Brittney saw the painfully awkward interaction clearly — Cass wanted to make a play for Jackson, but wanted to be absolved of any accusation of wrongdoing, of being unfair to Brittney, because she’d told her about it first.

But it wasn’t that interaction that seemed to show Cass’ true colours, so much as her reaction to it, calling Brittney “weird and rude”, an easy putdown.

Cass has put her characterisation on Paradise down to manipulative editing. She shared a clip from Unreal yesterday, which showed the way that editors can manipulate footage of reality TV contestants.

After sharing a snippet of footage in which she says, “Jackson is talking to Brittney . . . I think Jackson can do better than Brittney,” she called out the editing on her Stories. “I OWN what ever comes out of my mouth directly but I will NOT own pieces of different interviews at different times pieced together to steer a narrative.”

But stories from people like Abbie, who made a series of Stories talking about her experience of bullying from Cass and others, and Niranga, dispute Cass’ interpretation of events.

Niranga effectively accused Cass of racism on his Instagram Stories this morning. “When one particular comes out saying they got a bad edit. It infuriated me,” he wrote. “There were so many more nasty comments to me and other people. One particular moment telling several people they wouldn’t take me back to the parents because of where I was from . . Can’t pronounce my name and doesn’t even know where I’m from.

“I accept rejection it’s life but this i don’t . . Not once have they ever apologized. You know the one,” he concluded.

While Cass hasn’t directly replied to the allegation, she did write, “There is comfort in holding on to your truth,” on her Stories today.

While we can’t know what we haven’t seen on screen — or even the full extent of what Cass or didn’t say — we do know that certain language when we speak about other people, especially other women, is unacceptable. It’s not OK in 2020 to gaslight others or imply they’re not being “civilised” because they’re hurt when you promise to do something and then do the opposite. It’s not OK to call people “weird” because they don’t react the way you want them to.

We know it’s part of Bachie to pit women against one another, vying for the attention of one or a few men. But it’s been refreshing this season to see women supporting one another, even when that’s a hard thing to do. Even if you’re into the same person, you can be respectful and kind and not use negative language to belittle others. Let’s all do better.

At the very least, people online aren’t accepting this kind of bullying language and behaviour:


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